Model Unity for Windows

Stay connected 24/7 with Model Unity for Windows – the app that lives on your desktop and provides easy access to your network.

Safe for download and work use

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and install the Model Unity app for desktop?

Click on the button above to download the application to your computer. Once downloaded, click on the Model Unity Setup .exe  file. The app will automatically install on your Windows computer.

Pin to Taskbar

Once installed, type in ‘model unity’ in the search bar > Locate the Model Unity App > Pin to taskbar

Is it safe to download?

Yes, our application is safe to download and install on your computer from secure servers.

What are the minimum requirements to install the application?

Our application will run on all modern Windows laptop and desktop devices. You will require at least 180MB of free space to download and install the app.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?

Yes. The Model Unity app connects to our server to bring you live and up to date content as you use the app. For this reason – you need to be connected to the internet for the application to run.

How do I update the app?

Every time you open the app – you will see a notification to install the latest version and updates from the server. We only push updates for security and new features. Once the update is installed, the application will restart.

Do I need to login every time?

No. The benefit of the application is that it saves your cookies and credentials on your device. So when you launch the application – it opens straight to your newsfeed. You will only need to log in again if you have signed out or removed app data and history from your computer.

Why should I download the app?

The Model Unity desktop app provides a quick, easy and convenient way to access your network at any time.

For Agencies and Brands:
It becomes convenient to manage your network and communicate with your teams,  talents, members and more through the desktop application. You can post updates, share links & documents and chat within the application.

For Talents:
It’s an easy way for pro-level users (especially photographers and videographers) to connect to the network and upload files with ease from their desktop. And it provides quick and convenient access for all users stay connected in Model Unity.