Connect with Members in the City of Los Angeles

Are you based in or traveling to Los Angeles? This regional Circle is the perfect way to connect with Members in the city and find collaborations, secure bookings, join events and discover opportunities through Model Unity ®.

Regional Circles allow you to build relationships and strategically grow your connections in each major city around the world.

Stay updated and discover work and collaboration opportunities in your Circle

Your Activity Feed presents the latest updates and content posted in your Circle. These include quick posts, articles, videos, questions, polls and events – helping to curate a timeline of your latest activity.

The Activity Feed can be personalized by each user through use of the Filter and Sort settings. You display content by Everything, Your Activity, Near You, From Your Hosts, Post Types and even sort the activity by Last Activity, Date Created, Popular Now or Distance from your location.

Upload photos, videos & docs, embed external links and ask questions

Quick Post

These are used primarily for status updates or quickly shareable content – such as individual photos, videos, links, files or questions.


Article posts are longer pieces of content that can incorporate multiple media formats, as seen in blogs, vlogs, editorials, portfolios, or journalistic articles.

Video Embeds

You can directly embed videos into your post using the Video URL from popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Loom, Dailymotion, Wistia and Rutube.

Audio Embeds

You also have the ability to embed audio files in your posts from popular audio sharing platforms, including: Spotify, SoundCloud, Audioboom, Libsyn, Flat and PodBean.

Document Embeds & Uploads

Need to attach documents and files? You can do that too! Our platform supports any file format uploads with a maximum size of 25MB. If you want to share a bigger file – you can use cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer and share the download link in your post.

External Links & Embeds

You can share a link to any content on the web within your Circle. If that content has meta details enabled (image, title and description) – it will automatically generate a thumbnail and summary within your post. You can also directly embed Google Suite & Maps, Airtable and Typeform.

Create discussion points that you want to focus on

Topics are like tags for your posts that help to categorize it into a particular theme or channel. When you create posts, they have the option to add a topic. You can follow different Topics to see the latest posts show up in your Activity Feed.

Topics are a great way to create a theme of discussion within your Circle, and they are tailored to each city based on the member activities and local interests.

Everything from virtual video calls to live streams and in-person calendar events

Events bring Members from your Circle together. Events can be virtual (online meetings), local (in-person), and live (webinars and chats). For live streaming and virtual events – you can link directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo Livestream, Zoom, GoToWebinar and Crowdcast.

Model Unity ® and your Circle Leaders will plan and bring you upcoming events, in collaboration with our partners. You can find and filter Events by those that are upcoming, near to their location or already passed.

Become a Top Member and Influencer in your Circle

Leaders are Influencers and Top Members who help to build the Circle, drive collaborations and share new content within the network. We work to position our Leaders as the faces of our Circles, and work closely with them to make key strategic decisions on the Circle development and direction.

Leaders are hand-picked by the Model Unity ® management team based on the number of different factors, and contribution towards our achieving our community vision.

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