For Agencies

Connect your teams and talents around the world.

Model Unity for Agencies brings a private, secure and collaborative communication space for teams and talents to stay connected and up to date on agency-wide news and opportunities.

Branded Circle

Your personalized brand look and experience for your Circle members

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited upload space for your photos, videos, files, embeds and more.

Manage Access

Manage member access into your Circle by invitation only.

Dedicated Support

Helping you setup, manage and onboard your members with a tailored experience.

We customize your Circle to match your brand identity

Your Circle is an extension of your brand within Model Unity – a place for your team and talents to connect, collaborate and share. We’ll help you to customize your Circle to match your brand identity and message.

Customizations include your logo, brand colors, location and description. We can embed key media (images and videos) into your Circle bio and add a custom link to your website.

Grant access to your Circle by invitation-only

You have control over who you invite into your Circle and who your Members are. You Circle is hidden in the network, and only discoverable by invitation – allowing you to manage access for your team and talents.

You can invite your team and talents into your Circle by email invitation, importing contacts from Google, uploading a CSV file (bulk invitations) or sharing a link to join.

A direct feed of activity and posts from your Members

Your Activity Feed presents the latest updates and content posted in your Circle. These include quick posts, articles, videos, questions, polls and events – helping to curate a timeline of your latest activity.

The Activity Feed can be personalized by each user through use of the Filter and Sort settings. You display content by Everything, Your Activity, Near You, From Your Hosts, Post Types and even sort the activity by Last Activity, Date Created, Popular Now or Distance from your location.

Upload photos, videos & docs, embed external links and ask questions

Quick Post

These are used primarily for status updates or quickly shareable content – such as individual photos, videos, links, files or questions.


Article posts are longer pieces of content that can incorporate multiple media formats, as seen in blogs, vlogs, editorials, portfolios, or journalistic articles.

Video Embeds

You can directly embed videos into your post using the Video URL from popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Loom, Dailymotion, Wistia and Rutube.

Audio Embeds

You also have the ability to embed audio files in your posts from popular audio sharing platforms, including: Spotify, SoundCloud, Audioboom, Libsyn, Flat and PodBean.

Document Embeds & Uploads

Need to attach documents and files? You can do that too! Our platform supports any file format uploads with a maximum size of 25MB. If you want to share a bigger file – you can use cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and WeTransfer and share the download link in your post.

External Links & Embeds

You can share a link to any content on the web within your Circle. If that content has meta details enabled (image, title and description) – it will automatically generate a thumbnail and summary within your post. You can also directly embed Google Suite & Maps, Airtable and Typeform.

Create discussion points that you want to focus on

Topics are like tags for your posts that help to categorize it into a particular theme or channel. When you or your Members create posts, they have the option to add a topic. Your Members can follow different Topics to see the latest posts show up in their Activity Feed.

You can create an unlimited number of Topics for your Circle, and customize it according to your preferences. You can also reorder how the Topics appear in your Circle and who can post content under that Topic (all Members or only Hosts and Moderators).

Everything from virtual video calls to live streams and in-person calendar events

Events are a great way to bring your Members together and keep them connected to your Agency’s growth and activities, as well as upcoming industry calendar events. Events can be virtual (online meetings), local (in-person), and live (webinars and chats). For live streaming and virtual events – you can link directly to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo Livestream, Zoom, GoToWebinar and Crowdcast.

You can create and manage as many events as needed and collect RSVPs. Your members can find and filter Events by those that are upcoming, near to their location or already passed.

Coming Soon - you'll be able to create learning material within your Circle

We’ll be launching Courses soon! This will give you the ability to create a digital learning space within your Circle which your members can purchase or access for free. It’s a great way to conduct new team or talent welcome and onboardings, share tips and skills within your team, and even upscale your Member’s knowledge and skillsets.

Think of it is your very own ‘Masterclass’ – you will have the ability to educate, inspire and grow your teams’ and talents’ skills and knowledge across your Agcncy. We’ll work with you to help launch quick courses, tips and advice for your Circle.

Keep your Members connected to your Circle on any device

Give your Members a way to stay connected to your Circle, wherever they are and on whichever device they use. We created Model Unity with the goal to be web, mobile and desktop accessible to our users.

You can download our app for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. The desktop app is great value-add to your productivity needs with your team and talents on a daily basis. Combine it with the mobile app – and you have an invaluable hub of connectivity within your Agency.

Send announcements directly to your Members' inbox or device

You can use built-in push notification features to send y0ur Members a message on their mobile devices and directly to their email inbox. It’s a great way to update them on big announcements, news, featured content and more.

Push messages and alerts can be sent when content is created and posted by Hosts or Moderators in your Circle. You can also message all of your Members at any time – through the settings panel.

Creating more value for your Circle and your Members

You and your Members will have access to your Circle, and the global Model Unity network – helping you to build more connections and discover more opportunities in your region and across the globe.

Any new opportunities that are sourced from our network through to your team and talents MUST be evaluated via your Agency and follow your procedures. We will strive to uphold this directive and enforce it across our platform as per our best practices and contractual agreements.

Benefits your Circle can provide to your Agency.

Communication Hub

Help your team and talents stay in the loop by sharing important updates and opportunities.

News and Events

Keep your team engaged on agency and industry news & events.

Docs and Workspace

Quick access to documents, files, information and collaborative feedback.

Team/Talent Directory

Help your team and talents find, connect and engage with each other across regions.

We're with you every step of the way.


We help you to create and customize your Circle to match your brand experience.


We help you to build a strategy for your Circle based on your goals.


We’ll help you manage the invitation process to bring your team and talents onboard.


We’ll equip your admin team with knowledge and best practices for managing your Circle.


We’ll help you tailor your Members’ experience with customized email drip campaigns and content.


We’ll work with you to build content that raises awareness for your agency amongst our global community.


We’ll help to connect brands and talents to your agency for upcoming projects and requirements.

Ongoing Support

We’ll build a relationship with you and understand your business, so we can improve our platform & services.

Keep your members connected.

Any place. Any time. Any device.

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