We’re not an Agency

We’re a global Community

We’re building a community and network of professionals in fashion, fitness and beauty around the world – through our app.

About us

Model Unity was founded with a mission to build a connected community and digital ecosystem in the fashion, fitness and beauty industry. We work to connect professionals in the industry for the purposes of networking, social sharing, and learning. We enable this through our Circles (groups) in major cities around the world.

Model Unity can help you by:

  • connecting with professionals in the industry;
  • sharing your latest works with industry members;
  • staying up to date with industry news and events;
  • learning and gaining knowledge through online courses;
  • joining Circles in each city, or exclusively by invitation

General membership to the network is free, with premium (paid) access to Circles and benefits through a monthly subscription fee.

Model Unity is available through iOS and Android mobile apps (via Mighty Networks) and also on desktop for MacOS and Windows.

Additional Information

Fashion, Fitness and Beauty
Who Is it For?
Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Designers, Stylists, Actors, Agents, Influencers, Bookers, Retouchers, Journalists, Bloggers
Unsupported Regions
We are not able to accept users, brands or agencies based in the following countries:

Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria

General membership is free. Premium access to Circles (Circle memberships) are paid.